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Cave In

As is now tradition, every 100 posts on this blog are marked with a "milestone" of sorts, which is usually in the form of posting a highly-requested band or major artist. We are now at post 700, and I cannot say it enough: thank you for keeping this blog alive, even after it almost died last year. It's still bewildering to see the amount of people continuing to utilize it. Today not only marks post 700, but it was also this exact date (April 23) that I started this blog 6 years ago. To think about all that has happened in that time, and the fact that this fucking thing is still going is beyond amazing, and I'm just as happy to continue doing it. Once again, thank you, and that's enough of my personal rambling.

Cave In have been one of the few bands that have left a crater on this blog due to their absence, especially considering their importance and influence on so many other bands. Unfortunately, they were tinged with a bout of unimaginable sadness recently with the unexpected passing of long-time member Caleb Scofield (RIP). He was nothing short of an amazing musician whose legacy will be felt for a long time, with this band and his many others. Before going any further, I just wanted to quickly share this fund set up to help his wife and two young children through a pain I cannot even begin to fathom. You can donate or share at the link below:

Caleb Scofield Memorial Fund

Cave In formed in 1995, in Metheun, Massachusetts. The band includes guitarist/vocalist Stephen Brodsky, guitarist Adam McGrath, and drummer JR Conners, who were all founding members. Bassist/vocalist Caleb Scofield joined soon after in 1998. Their earliest material was released across a a 7" and a few splits. This material was compiled on Beyond Hypothermia. These early recordings hit the ground running with the sound they are now heralded as pioneers of, which is metalcore. The metallic guitars, heavy riffs, odd time signatures, and linear song structures have all become staples of the genre, which owes a debt of gratitude to Cave In. This is especially true for their proper debut full-length, Until Your Heart Stops. This featured their solidified line-up, was produced by Kurt Ballou and released by Hydra Head. Some of the heaviest, most off-the-wall riffage is found right here. Without a doubt, this is an absolute classic and staple of the genre. It's breathed in the same breath as something like We Are The Romans as a contender for greatest metalcore album ever.

They followed up their debut with an EP released in 1999, titled Creative Eclipses. This was a major departure from their metal roots. They began experimenting with "space rock", with vocals that were primarily sung, the use of synths, and a focus on atmosphere over riffs. They even included a folk-y acoustic track on this EP. What was thought to be an experimental detour by fans turned out to be the band's next sonic stage, since the release of their sophomore album Jupiter carried on this progressive sound. This proved to be a commercial success, which caught the attention of major labels.

The band signed to RCA Records, a move rarely done by bands of their origin. The result was Antenna, a full-fledged alternative rock record, which can be best summed up as their "Dear You" record. Their original fans turned their back on the band for their commercialized sound, the album did not prove to be the success the label hoped it would be, and it did not spawn a major hit (only a minor one with "Anchor"). Cave In also toured with Foo Fighters, just like Jawbreaker did before they broke up, though by now the Foo Fighters were a much bigger band. Though Antenna was initially a disappointment to long-time fans, just like Dear You, it took a few years for people to appreciate the solid record that it really is.

Frustrated by their major label, Cave In began working on the follow-up to Antenna. They returned to an aggressive, metal-based sound, more in common with their roots than their last two albums. Once RCA heard the demos for this new album, they were dropped by the label, and subsequently returned to Hydra Head. The result was Perfect Pitch Black, released in 2005. Though a return to form in many ways, the band do not try and recreate the early sound they had on Until Your Heart Stops. It's a matured approach to metalcore through the lens of  their years of progressive experimentation, where the riffs and guttural vocals do come back, but with a stronger sense of melody and at a less frenzied pace. Following this album, the band went on hiatus in 2006.

Cave In didn't disappear for long, since they regrouped in 2009 for more shows and the release of a new EP, Planets Of Old. This was followed up with their first new full-length in 6 years, which was 2011's White Silence. This record displayed an eclectic mix of what Cave In do, with some experimental slow burners ("Heartbreaks, Earthquakes", "Reanimations", "Iron Decibels") and some hard-hitters ("Vicious Cycles", "Serpents"). It's an incredible amalgamation of what the band had been working on for over a decade.

Shortly after White Silence, the band remained somewhat inactive, only playing sporadic shows here and there. Unfortunately, just as it appeared they were gearing back up, they were struck by the previously mentioned tragedy. The loss of integral member Caleb Scofield is incredibly unfortunate, though he has left behind a ton of amazing music that will live on for decades to come. Below is just a sliver of that output. Cave In members were known for being active in many other projects. Most notably, Caleb was also a member of Old Man Gloom (highly recommended) and Zozobra. Stephen Brodsky was briefly a member of Converge (he played bass on When Forever Comes Crashing), as well as Mutoid Man, Pet Genius, New Idea Society, and Kid Kilowatt, along with Kurt Ballou (Converge) and Adam McGrath (also of Cave In). Adam and drummer JR Conners are also members of Nomad Stones. Across numerous projects, and particularly in the case of Cave In, its members have crafted some of the best music in recent history. Regardless of the band's future, what they have achieved thus far is more than most do in a lifetime, and they have cemented a legacy that nobody will soon forget. Enjoy.

1. Crossbearer
2. Chameleon
3. Capsize
4. Stoic
5. Programmed Behind
6. Flypaper
7. Mitigate
8. Pivotal
9. Ritual Famine
10. Crambone

1. Moral Eclipse
2. Total Deity
3. Juggernaut
4. The End Of Our Rope Is A Noise
5. Segue 1
6. Until Your Heart Stops
7. Halo Of Flies
8. Bottom Feeder
9. Ebola
10. Controlled Mayhem Then Erupts

1. Luminance
2. Sonata McGrath
3. Magnified
4. Burning Down The Billboards
5. Sonata Brodsky

1. Jupiter
2. In The Stream of Commerce
3. Big Riff
4. Innuendo And Out The Other
5. Brain Candle
6. Requiem
7. Decay Of The Delay
8. New Moon

1. Jupiter (Remix)
2. Big Riff (Piano Version)
3. Innuendo And Out The Other (Piano Version)
4. New Moon (Piano Version)

1. Guitarmegeddon
2. God Is On The Telephone
3. Silence (omitted)
4. Chewable Robots
5. Chow Foon The Moon
6. Audio Warfare
7. Upsetting Dream
8. Neon Glow
9. Feline Macabre
10. Brain Candle Waltz
11. Head Extensions
12. Low Rumble Waltz
13. Dead City Sunbeam

1. Come Into Your Own
2. Dark Driving
3. The Calypso
4. Tides Of Tomorrow
5. The Callus
6. Everest

1. Stained Silver
2. Inspire
3. Joy Opposites
4. Anchor
5. Beautiful Son
6. Seafrost
7. Rubber And Glue
8. Youth Overrided
9. Breath Of Water
10. Loss In The Air
11. Penny Racer
12. Woodwork

1. Inspire
2. Anchor
3. Joy Opposites
4. Seafrost
5. Youth Overrided
6. Beautiful Son
7. Jupiter
8. Innuendo And Other The Other

1. Perfect Pitch Black
2. The World Is Our Way
3. Off To Ruin
4. Trepanning
5. Paranormal
6. Down The Drain
7. Droned
8. Ataxaria
9. Tension In The Ranks
10. Screaming In Your Sleep

1. Cayman Tongue
2. Retina Sees Rewind
3. The Red Trail
4. Air Escapes

1. Mr. Co-Dexterity
2. Inflatable Dream
3. I Luv I Jah (Bad Brains cover)
4. Plainsong (The Cure cover)
5. N.I.B. (Black Sabbath cover)
6. Innuendo And The Other (Demo)
7. Cave-In (Codeine cover)

1. White Silence
2. Serpents
3. Sing My Loves
4. Vicious Cycles
5. Centered
6. Summit Fever
7. Heartbreaks, Earthquakes
8. Iron Decibels
9. Reanimation

4. Breed (Nirvana cover)

Note: Full comp here

Sunday, 22 April 2018


Disembarked are a five-piece screamo/hardcore band from Stockholm, Sweden that formed in 2011. They play a painstakingly emotional style of hardcore that incorporates elements of post-rock sounds and vocals on the brink of breaking. Their sound will appeal to fans of bands such as Pianos Become The Teeth, Touché Amoré, State Faults, More Than Life, and Envy. Their last release was their sole full-length, which was put out by Dog Knights Production in 2014. Though the band is still technically together, they have not been active in quite some time. Hopefully some new material will surface in the future, but until then, their current discography is just as killer. Enjoy.

1. Reverie

1. •
2. Pulled Apart
3. Disease
4. Deckhouse
5. Mist

1. Abscond
2. Unwanted But Chosen Pt.I
3. Pillars Pt.II
4. Bewildered
5. Flags Of Our Fathers

1. Body Of A Ghost, Arms Of A Man
2. Sudden Veer
3. Nothing's Wrong Here
4. Postponed
5. Absent Mother
6. I Gave It Away
7. Caesura
8. Friends, Are You Still There?
9. Grethe
10. Saunter
11. Hindsight
12. Weekend Chaser

Thursday, 19 April 2018


Listener is an indie rock/spoken word project from Fayetteville, Arkansas that began in 2002. The project is based around lyricist/vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Dan Smith, who initially used the name as a moniker for his early hip-hop based work. As his career progressed, he retained the name as it evolved into a full-fledged rock band. He has worked with a number of musicians since, all under the band name Listener. After incorporating live instrumentation behind him, Listener evolved from a hip-hop project into their now-signature sound. Their songs are structured around Dan Smith reciting (not singing) his spoken word pieces, with an instrumental background that builds and falls with the song as needed. They've crafted a unique sound for themselves, which has been quite influential in the past few years.

Below is only a partial discography, since it is quite hard to track down all their releases (especially their earliest work, pre-spoken word jam band). So, if you have anything that's missing from below (their first three albums, in particular) please send it my way! Thanks so much to Juan for sending them to me! Enjoy.

1. The Moon Cries Out
2. FYI
3. You're So Underground
4. Emotional
5. Winter Life
6. Train Song
7. Decadence
8. I'm Beginning To Hear Whispers
9. Ways Of The Wind
10. You Will Be My Music
11. Behind These Doors
12. Wundering
13. Crystal Methods
14. It's A Lonely World
15. Untitled

1. Backwoods Preacher Man
2. Ozark Empire
3. I've Been Waiting For This Moment For All My Life, Hold On
4. In The Woods You Know Where Your Enemies Are
5. You're So Special Because You're So Unique
6. I'd Like To Offer You My Dearest Apologies
7. When No One Else Will Be Your Friend I Will Do The Job
8. The Music That The Angels Do
9. It's Time For Drastic Measures They're Not Taking You Seriously
10. What Would You Do If I'm Not What I'm Supposed To Be
11. They Always Say Your Life Will Never Dull Or Your Money Back
12. Officer You Have The Wrong Man I Am Not That Man

1. Its Christmas Time Again, So Come On Home To The Fire
2. You Know He Knows? Well, He Knows Regardless
3. Do You See What I See? I Hope So
4. Hey, Those Herald Angels Are Singing Again. Listen
5. Born In Bethlehem, And He Shall Send Them One By One
6. Don't Touch The Drums Boy
7. Silent Night, Holy Night. All Is Bright, All Is Bright
8. The Leaf Sure Is Heavy, But You Have To Turn It Over feat. Manchild

1. We March To A Whole Different Drum (Live)
2. Ozark Empire, Or Snake Oil Salesman
3. Stick This In Your Ear (Live)
4. Your Life Will Never Dull Or Your Money Back
5. The Music That The Angels Do (Live)
6. Train Song (Live)
7. I Have Nothing But Attention When I Scream
8. Deepspace5 Songs (Live)
9. Mourning In The Morning
10. That's It
11. Life Is
12. Older Than I Was Before
13. ABC News Tour Of Homes Desk Banter
14. What Would You Do If I'm Not What I'm Supposed To Be (Live)
15. All Of This With Words

1. You Have Never Lived Because You Have Never Died
2. Falling In Love With Glaciers
3. Seatbelt Hands
4. Failing Is Not Just For Failures
5. You Were A House On Fire
6. Save Up Your Hopes Friends
7. Maybe We Are All Beautiful
8. I'd Like To Offer You My Dearest Apologies
9. Death By Shotgun
10. Put Another Rock In My Hand
11. Stick This In Your Ear
12. The Music That The Angels Do
13. This Is It

1. Train Song (fienix)
2. Train Song (live)
3. Train Song (dust)
4. Train Song (spoken)
5. Train Song (original)

1. Death By Shotgun
2. A Song From A Knife Salesman To His Wife On Their Wedding Day
3. It's Time For Drastic Measures They're Not Taking You Seriously
4. The Music That The Angels Do
5. My Five Year Plan
6. What Would You Do If I'm Not What I'm Supposed To Be
7. I Have Nothing But Attention When I Scream
8. Ozark Empire, Or A Snake Oil Salesman Comes To Your Town
9. Your Life Will Never Dull Or Your Money Back
10. When No One Else Will Be Your Friend I Will Do The Job
11. Officer You Have The Wrong Man, I Am Not That Man

1. You Have Never Lived Because You Have Never Died
2. I Don't Want to Live Forever
3. Most Roads Lead to Home
4. Wooden Heart
5. Falling In Love With Glaciers
6. Failing Is Not Just For Failures
7. Building Better Bridges
8. Seatbelt Hands
9. These Hands Weren't Meant For Us
10. You Were A House On Fire
11. Save Up Your Hopes Friends

1. Eyes To The Ground For Change
2. Good News First
3. Not Today
4. Tornadoes
5. I Think It's Called Survival
6. Everything Sleeps
7. There Are Wrecking Balls Inside Us
8. It Will All Happen The Way It Should

1. Pent Up Genes
2. Little Folded Fingers
3. There's Money In The Walls
4. Add Blue
5. Bloodshot/New Love
6. Shock And Value
7. Window To The World
8. A Love Letter To Detroit
9. Manhattan Projects
10. Plague Doctor

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Bucket Full Of Teeth

Bucket Full Of Teeth were a screamo/powerviolence band from Massachusetts that were around from 2002 to 2004. They were formed by Will Killingsworth (formerly of Orchid, also in Ampere, as well as producer extraordinaire), and included former Orchid bassist Brad Wallace. They were formed shortly after the dissolution of Orchid. Despite the obvious ties to their former band, Bucket Full Of Teeth really find their own voice. They began as a powerviolence project, but began incorporating elements of experimental noise into their break-neck chaos, and fusing different elements of heavy music into their progressive mix. They put out 3 projects in 2002 (which were later released together), and then returned in 2004 for their swan song, which is debatably their best release. This is a super unique and underrated project, so definitely check 'em out. Enjoy.

1. It's A Setup
2. Conditional Response
3. Selective Amnesia
4. These Frequencies Are Ours
5. Self-Induced Coma
6. If Everything Has A Price Then Nothing Has Value
7. Grind In A Tin Can
8. Piss In The I.V.
9. Dreams Of Dead Bosses
10. Sickened
11. Wake Up
12. Standing On Top Of A Mountain
13. Hollow
14. Exit Only

1. Psychosis
2. 23 Reasons To Play Grindcore
3. Coughing Up Wires
4. Empty Dreams
5. Empty Faces
6. Raised On Failure
7. Lost Keys
8. Null

1. Technical Desires
2. Dark Colossus
3. It's Heating Up
4. Listen
5. Here's Your Warning
6. Morizar
7. ForkTie Response
8. Broadcast
9. Anger Of Convenience
10. Basic Delusions
11. 11302
12. Blast For Humanity

1. Imperfect Vibrations
2. Capital Distracts And Imprisons
3. The Dream Continues
4. A Morbid Gathering
5. The Path
6. Comfort Made Us Passive
7. Error Is Progress
8. Confessions
9. The Present Forsaken
10. A Hopeful Sound
11. Embrace The Current Of Time
12. Let Us Resonate

Monday, 16 April 2018


Fiddlehead are a five-piece post-hardcore band from Boston, Massachusetts that formed in 2014. They feature Patrick Flynn, who is best known as the vocalist of Have Heart and Free, as well as Alex Henery, who is the guitarist in Basement. Their debut LP was recently released on Run For Cover. Sonically, they're heavily influenced by the DC/Dischord stuff put out in the 90's, with bands such as Jawbox, Fugazi, and Lungfish. They take a slightly more modern and melodic approach, which will definitely appeal to fans of other RFC-associated bands, such as Title Fight or Self Defense Family. Lyrically, Springtime and Blind deals heavily with the recent passing of Flynn's father, which leads to some touching moments throughout the record. This is undoubtedly one of RFC's best offerings as of late, and a fantastic album for fans of post-hardcore throughout the ages. Enjoy.

1. Birdnest
2. My Arboretum
3. We Are Not Friends
4. Stay In The Blue
5. Witch Hazel Bloom

1. Spousal Loss
2. Poem You
4. Tidal Waves
5. Head Hands
6. Rejoice
7. Lay Low
8. My World
9. 04/17/70
10. Widow In The Sunlight

Friday, 13 April 2018


SeeYouSpaceCowboy are a five-piece band from San Diego/Los Angeles, California that formed in 2016. Now, I know I say this about a lot of bands, but in this case it's particularly true: this is one fucking great band. Without a doubt they are one of the best bands around in their little niche of music, pushing the boundaries of extreme genres with their manic blend of screamo, metalcore, and grindcore. They carry all the heaviness and aggression one expect, but also an attitude that can only be described bizarrely but accurately as "sassy". They can be loosely compared to bands like Daughters and Fear Before The March of Flames, but they really do hold their own. Plus, their song titles are incredible.

SeeYouSpaceCowboy are 4 for 4 so far with a demo, EP, single, and a split, and show no signs of slowing down. It is an absolute atrocity that I have let this band go unposted for so long, because this one I truly recommend to anyone even remotely interested in the chaotic side of music on here. Plus they've worked with some fantastic labels, including the gift that keeps on giving, Zegema Beach Records. Enjoy.

1. Left Turn Right Away
2. Rejection Hotline Greatest Hits
3. Diss Tracks in Iambic Pentameter
4. Albert Camus Is My Life Coach

1. An Introduction For People Who Hate Introductions
2. Jimmy Buffett Doesn't Even Surf
3. Soap Opera Stardom Is A Single Tear Drop Away
4. Pep Talk From A Nihilist
5. Fashion Statements of the Socially Aware
6. Absolutely Absolute Absolution

1. Atrocities From A Story Book Perspective

1. SeeYouSpaceCowboy - I Am a Trans-Continental Railroad, Please Run a Train On Me
2. SeeYouSpaceCowboy - Stop Calling Us Screamo
3. SeeYouSpaceCowboy - You Don't Understand the Liquor is Calling the Shots Now Randy Bobandy
4. SeeYouSpaceCowboy - You Can't Get Goose Justice In A Fox Court, Just Spit On The Judge
5. Secondgradeknifefight - who what when where why did you take my bug collection (there's no trust in this household)
6. Secondgradeknifefight - don't tell me you like the police cause i'll break your kneecaps motherfucker (tonya harding shuffle)
7. Secondgradeknifefight - my heart is broken but i still need to get my jetta fixed asap (no time for tom foolery)
8. Secondgradeknifefight - glass vampires roam these darkened woods fellas (protek ya nek)
9. Secondgradeknifefight - the devil is real and he tried to eat my ass (goodbye uncle fuck)


Zegema Beach Records


Palatka were a five-piece hardcore/emo violence band from Gainesville, Florida that were around from 1994 to 1999, and returned to play a reunion show in 2015. They played a very spastic and jittery form of hardcore that incorporated the full-throttle aggression of bands like In/Humanity with the rhythmic nuances of a band like Heroin. Palatka also featured two vocalists.

They were relatively prolific for a band in their corner of the musicsphere, releasing multiple splits, being featured on many, many compilations, and putting out a full-length on No Idea Records. They also toured in Europe, which is a seemingly rare thing for bands like this around then. Despite putting out some incredible work, they are incredibly underrated, so definitely check them out. Below is their full-length and their most notable split, along with a discography released in 2002 that I unfortunately don't have much info or artwork for. If you know anything about it, please fill me in! Enjoy.

1. Palatka - Stutter Mispronounce
2. Palatka - Fucked From The Start
3. Palatka - Recite Ad Nauseam
4. Palatka - This Place Is Shit
5. Palatka - Garbage
6. Palatka - Nathan Collier
7. Palatka - Yours At Best
8. The End Of The Century - So Long 
9. The End Of The Century - Childhood Hopes Of Self Defense
10. The End Of The Century - Hope Me Blind
11. The End Of The Century - Filed

1. The State of 6pm
2. If You're Not Satisfied with the Current Arrangement...
3. Cheering Section
4. Where the Teachers Go to Learn
5. Rate x Time = Distance
6. Palatka Kills Young Republicans
7. Matured? You Bet!
8. "Let's Have a Kid." "Sure, Why Not?"
9. Another Kind of Blacklist
10. Mark's Shit
11. Voice of the Actors
12. The Current Definition of Friendship is Sorely Lacking

1. The State of 6pm
2. If You're Not Satisfied with the Current Arrangement...
3. Cheering Section
4. Where the Teachers Go to Learn
5. Rate x Time = Distance
6. Palatka Kills Young Republicans
7. Matured? You Bet!
8. "Let's Have a Kid." "Sure, Why Not?"
9. Another Kind of Blacklist
10. Mark's Shit
11. Voice of the Actors
12. The Current Definition of Friendship is Sorely Lacking
13. Rock Concert
14. Home Is Killing Me
15. Smoking Section
16. Soldier With Staring Problem
17. Haunted House Movie
18. The Eyes And Ears Of The Shit
19. Job Fair
20. Misinformed
21. Cool Breezes Daring Escape From Hogtown
22. Taco Bell Has Nothing To Do With Hardcore
23. I'm The Most Important Fucking Person In The Whole World
24. Black Elk
25. Stutter Mispronounce
26. Fucked From The Start
27. Recite Ad Nauseam
28. This Place Is Shit
29. Garbage
30. Nathan Collier
31. Yours At Best
32. Bicentennial
33. Vultures Hyenas
34. Apartment
35. Property Values
36. Straight Straight Youth
37. Good Intentions
38. Sunshine State Sprawl
39. The Bus Ride
40. Washington Park
41. The Truth About San Diego
42. Sections A-Z
43. Future Site Of
44. Let's Toss This Fucking Shit To The Fire!
45. New Feedback
46. Yours At Best
47. Nathan Collier
48. Choicenochoice